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What’s BEHIND Our Name?

Our Name?

QBFox is an abbreviation of the well-known phrase,

the quick 
over the 
lazy dog.

Most people learn to type using this one legendary sentence that contains every letter in the alphabet.

At QBfox, our senior-driven experience covers every critical aspect of the business. From A to Z.

We’re this CLOSE

So, you get Industry-Tough Talent
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Clients always ask about it. Agencies always talk about it. But few truly deliver it.

AGILITY is about helping clients solve their problems in real time. Providing solutions right when questions bubble up and answers are needed.


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QBFox Team
Mark has always been an entrepreneur at heart. After obtaining his Business Management degree at West Virginia University, Mark started his own business on the Jersey Shore boardwalk. After a few years, his career took a turn into healthcare advertising. Fast forward 8 years—with his outgoing personality and business acumen, Mark has found his niche in client services.
Jason’s writing career began in a newsroom, took a detour into the Boston publishing houses, and eventually landed in healthcare advertising, where he’s been plying his trade for the past 15 years. He’s covered the crime beat, edited manuscripts on higher mathematics, and advocated for brands in multiple categories. One thing has remained a constant—a belief in the power of the well-told tale.
His father was an art director, typographer, writer. His mother a painter and a designer. So, it’s no wonder Chet chose the creative life. His 35+ years in the industry span the consumer, pharmaceutical, and dotcom worlds where his peer- recognized talents have helped clients be successful again and again. His campaigns have won awards, driven business and changed consumer mindsets. “I look for an idea everywhere. In a museum, Netflix, my night table of books, even ESPN. And I’m always looking.” In 2018, Chet rejoined his longtime collaborators, Steve Viviano and Stacy Patterson, to create QBFox where his first task was the agency’s name and recognizable branding.
Creative by nature and a designer by choice. For the first 10 years of his career, George honed his creative approach in the production of educational software and children’s television. For the past 10 years, George has brought his passion for streamlining complex ideas into simple strategies to healthcare communication.

In tune with the latest trends in user experience, with a knack for visually interpreting data for more engaging storytelling, at QBFox George effortlessly makes design work harder, connect better, and sell smarter, whatever the medium.
Steve has run healthcare ad agencies for almost 20 years. As CEO at a major holding company, he created agency offerings in several new business sectors: high tech, specialty brands, OTC brands, medical devices and emerging healthcare technologies. He also led their growth from traditional media to digital, interactive services.

Steve's favorite part of the day has always been working directly with clients and helping them successfully drive brand performance. Now at QBFox, he is back with his senior team, Chet Moss and Stacy Patterson, and has built the agile, client-focused agency he always envisioned. Steve is a strong advocate for creating long-lasting partnerships based on trust and mutual respect.
Stacy is a physician by training and a marketer at heart. She graduated Duke Medical School with honors and took the path less traveled into the pharmaceutical industry, working both at pharma companies, overseeing marketing, and advertising agencies. Before joining QBFOX, Stacy built the largest medical department within advertising and created a completely new advertising offering—medical strategist.

Stacy loves to work closely with her clients to develop strategy, positioning and ultimately the ‘story’ that needs to be told to make her clients products a success in the marketplace. She is thrilled to join her long-time collaborators, Steve Viviano and Chet Moss, as part of the QBFOX leadership team.
After her experience working in the fitness business (Megan is loaded with energy), she kicked off her industry career on the promotional side where the environment runs at lightning speed. She learned how to anticipate, not simply react. And quickly realized that this atmosphere is the one where she thrives. Two years ago, she shifted that vitality to the pharma space to deliver the excellence clients deserve while building relationships and, of course having fun (without the jumping jacks). Megan joined the QBFox family in December, 2019.
Chris knew he loved writing when he started looking forward to essays and papers at Bucknell University!

He’s worked in healthcare for 6 years starting at ad agencies and then moving over to PR, writing feature articles for his clients in both print and online publications.

Now, he’s back at an agency as lead copywriter on his own brand.
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